Is…is Dragon Quest real?!?

Most of us, on any given day, would prefer not to get accosted by monsters, and even among video game adventurers, it’s been several years since random encounters went out of fashion. And yet, to RPG fans, few words inspire the joy that the sudden announcement “A slime draws near!” can.

The slime is the first enemy gamers ran into back in the original 1986 Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior, and since then, it’s appeared in each and every installment of the franchise. But while encountering slimes in a Dragon Quest game is a given, it’s a far less expected turn of events in the real world, which brings us to this video from Japanese Twitter user @Carex_minima, which he shared with the description of, you guessed it, “A slime draws near!”

You may be asking what sort of sorcery has allowed @Carex_minima to fuse our world with that of Dragon Quest’s, but no mystical treasures were involved in the creation of his video, nor was any CGI wizardry. Instead, all he needed was a potted lotus plant, a splash of water, and a pair of stick-on plastic googly eyes, of the type you can find at any novelty shop. Then it was just a matter of combining them giving, the plant’s stalk a few twirls, and filming everything in slow motion.

▼ For reference, here are some Dragon Quest slimes

But while “Dragon Quest slime” is the most common interpretation of the cute little gelatinous blob @Carex_minima created, others have seen the squishy puzzle blocks of the Puyo Puyo video game series, Studio Ghibli anime Howl’s Moving Castle’s fire spirit Calcifer

…or even species of Pokémon such as Caterpie or Metapod (shown on the right below).

But one thing just about everyone who’s seen the video agrees on is that it’s adorable. Oh, and they also agree that the very end, when we suddenly have to say good-bye to our slime friend, is heartbreaking. So to help ease the pain, here’s another video from @Carex_minima, showing a pair of happy slime twins atop some taro plant leaves…

…and a reminder that as long as you’ve got some googly eyes, water, and a somewhat flat surface, you yourself can summon as many slimes as you want.

Source: Twitter/@ Carex_minima via IT Media
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