Both male and female Pikachus, plus six other Pokémon species, will stick to your walls and your heart.

In the Pokémon video games, your main goal is to train your Pocket Monsters into ever-stronger versions of themselves, helping them learn new combat techniques and evolve into more powerful forms. Really, though, a lot of Pokémon fans with a soft spot for a particular species don’t care about its potential fight performance. They love their favorites for who they already are, and just want to spend time with them.

So yes, this new line of Pokémon organizing hooks won’t ever see their stats increase or experience levels rise. They will, however, look adorable, and even help keep your home nice and tidy, so honestly, who could ask for anything more?

Produced by Toyo Case, seven different Pokémon species are represented, but there are actually eight designs to choose from, since Pikachu is available in both male (straight-tipped tail) and female (heart-tipped tail) versions.

▼ Some would say using two hooks to hold a single pen is overkill, but others, including us, would more truthfully say that you can never have too many Pikachus.

The hooks have an adhesive backing that lets them easily attach to flat surfaces, including tile and glass. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or stuck to a window or metal door, this team of Poké-helpers is ready to help keep your daily lifestyle items as organized as a Pokémon Masters stocks of various Poké Balls.

As with any multi-species collection of Pokémon goodies, Eevee is, of course, part of the team. Your other options are lovable, loony-looking Slowpoke

…mysterious Mew

…and no fewer than three of Eevee’s evolutions: Fairy-type Sylveon, Ice-type Glaceon

…and Grass-type Leafeon.

The adhesive backings are water-resistant, so Toyo Case says you’ll have no problems letting them hold your dish-scrubbing sponges, bathtub-use hair scrunchies, loofah, or anything else that you keep in an area that might get wet.

The tails, by the way, are partially bendable with a metal core, so they can handle more weight than those cute faces might have you expecting.

The Pokémon Tail series (as the lineup is officially called) is for sale through novelty good retailer Village Vanguard, and in addition to physical locations can be purchased through the chain’s online shop here, priced at 1,100 yen (US$10.15) each.

Source, images: PR Times
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