Did you know the Sanrio star’s muscles are apparently made out of sweet-tasting fruit?

You could easily argue that Hello Kitty is the most thoroughly cute character Japan has ever created. With her adorable looks and charming kindness, the Sanrio queen is cute inside and out.

But now Kitty-chan is getting a chance to prove that her inner cuteness isn’t just personality based, but that she literally looks cute once you peel away her skin. Toy manufacturer Mega House has recently released a new Hello Kitty figure that it’s calling the Kantai Fantasy Hello Kitty. Kantai is the Japanese word for dismantling, but in this case, the visual effect is more like a dissection, showing Hello Kitty’s internal anatomy.

In a bit of a contradiction, Mega House’s promotional images actually list the steps for “assembling” Kitty, instead of tearing her down. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a figure that can reduce the beloved children’s character to a husk filled with pink goo (that looks like some sort of brain matter and plasma). There’s also an intermediary skeletal structure step, in which we see that Hello Kitty’s skull has asymmetrically shaped eye sockets, with one circular and the other shaped like a heart. Oh, and even if you assemble all the parts in the set, half of Kitty-chan will always be a skeleton.

If the thought of Hello Skeleton is too frightening, you can also opt for the Kantai Fantasy Hello Kitty Muscle version, which removes Kitty’s entire bone structure and instead shows her as a single mass of muscle tissue.

OK, maybe that’s still kind of gross. A closer look, though, reveals that, of course, Hello Kitty has cute muscles that look like apples, likely a reference to her official character profile that says she “weighs the same as three apples.”

▼ Question: Is it more disturbing that Muscle Hello Kitty’s heart-shaped eye is made of solid muscle, or that the apple quotient implies that she would taste sweet and juicy?

Hello Kitty isn’t the only Sanrio character in the Kantai Fantasy lineup, though, as she’s joined by My Melody.

Once again, My Melody comes in both Skeleton and Muscle versions, though in her case her muscles are made out of strawberries.

All models are identically priced at 850 yen (US$7.90), and with the Hello Kitty versions standing 6.5 centimeters (2.6 inches) tall and the My Melody ones 8.5 centimeters, they’re affordable and compact enough to bring a little kimokawaii (“gross cute”) style to any home.

Source, images: PR Times
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