The biggest star from Japan has got to be Hello Kitty, the adorable cat character that’s easily recognized by nearly everyone. And as the epitome of cute, Hello Kitty has garnered female fans from around the world.

It is this same Hello Kitty that became a contact lens fit to stick in your eye. When production of this bizarre incarnation of everyone’s favorite white cat was announced back in August of this year, the delicate purple contacts were all over the news. Just as strange, My Melody was also made into a contact lens, enabling people across Japan to stick not one, but two beloved Sanrio characters in their eyes.

Thinking how great it would be to hide an adorable character in such an inconspicuous place, ninja style, our Japanese writing staff bought a pair of Hello Kitty and My Melody contact lenses. Here are the results…

We purchased the lenses from color contact brand, “Fall in Eyez.” Our reporter bought them on the phone, but you can also buy them online. After several days of anxious waiting, his Hello Kitty and My Melody contact lenses had arrived! Our reporter hurriedly opened the box and from the very first moment the two Sanrio characters made an appearance on a cute exclusive paper bag.


Excitedly, he took out and opened the bottles containing his contacts. They were double sealed with an aluminum lid and stopper to ensure their quality.


Our reporter first took out the Hello Kitty colored contacts. You can see Hello Kitty’s face and hearts in the violet purple lenses.


We were so excited to see what they’d look like in our reporter’s eyes, so we had him put them on immediately.



▼They make him look so mysterious! USEIMGP9915

▼But do they make him look more manly?USEIMGP9916


▼Don’t be alarmed, just checking out the colored contacts…nothing else to see here. USEIMGP9926




▼There’s the money shot!USEIMGP9951

Next, it was time for the My Melody contacts. These ones have a blue border with a gradated pink in the middle and, of course, the image of My Melody with some added flowers.




So what do you think? Running around with cute characters living in your eyes is sure to bring a smile on your face. You can purchase the Hello Kitty or My Melody contacts with or without a prescription for 5,800 yen (US$56) per pair. They’re so cute, they’re sure to be the apple of your eye! If you’re a Hello Kitty or My Melody fan, you just have to try out these unique Sanrio goods.

Reference: Fall in Eyez
Photos: RocketNews24

▼Just in case our male model didn’t do anything for you, here’s what the contacts look like on woman (Hello Kitty)

▼My Melody

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