Japanese fan artists give us a glimpse of what a normal life would be like in the amazing world of Pokémon.

Part of what makes the Pokémon world so special is that unlike some other fantasy stories, where mysterious creatures can only be found in remote corners of the wilderness, there are Pocket Monsters everywhere. Sure, rare species might only inhabit secluded environments, but overall, Pokémon are as prevalent as pets are in the real world.

So what if you lived in the world of Pokémon, but not as a Pokémon Trainer or adventurer. What if you were just a normal person?

That’s the question Japanese Twitter users have been answering with the hashtag #ポケモンと生活, or “living with Pokémon.”

Say, for example, you had a pet Pikachu and a job. Your affectionate little buddy would probably be waiting in the entryway for you to get home, and if you got held up at the office, maybe he’d doze off, but still want to be as close to you as possible the second you stepped in the door.

Keeping with the Pokémon-as-pets analogy, you’d probably want to buy your Meowth a pet bed…and his feline-like instincts mean he’d probably ignore your generosity and instantly claim the cardboard box instead.


What if you lived in an apartment that doesn’t allow non-human tenants? Don’t worry, because just like Japan has cat and other animal cafes, there’d be Pokémon cafes too (not to be confused with the real-life Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo).

“I took a different route on my way to school, and found a cafe filled with Eevees,” tweets @tracco_t.

Most artists, though, have been offering visions of how living with Pokémon would affect your home life. Sometimes there would be challenges, like your pet Whooper cheerfully tracking mud into your house after playing in the sludge outside…


…or your Marill Water-type turning the kitchen sink into its own private play pool.


Maybe your mom would send you photos of the family Yamper with signs around its neck saying “I was a bad boy and ate my owners’ curry.”

But there would also be plenty of times having a Pokémon in your life would make things so much easier. For example, say goodbye to riding the bus or train to school when your faithful Gardevoir is there to teleport you directly to and from class.

▼ Skipping the train would be especially handy if it was crowded with Wooloos (or Polyesterools).


Having trouble getting out of bed in the first place? Beheeyem would be there to help force you out of your too-cozy-for-your-own-good cocoon by using its Psychic-type powers to levitate away your blankets.

Machamp’s four arms would make it a true champ at babysitting.

Another thing to consider: since some pets have long life spans, the same should be true for Pokémon, as shown by this series of time-lapse family portraits featuring the household’s evolving Poké pet.

Speaking of emotional connections, what about Pokémon therapy, where children going through such extreme emotional distress that they can no longer attend school go through a rehabilitation process that includes interaction with caring Pocket Monster species?

Litwick helping a student during a late-night study session

Taking care of one another goes both ways, though, of course.

“Is your Ditto suffering from Copy Exhaustion and becoming overly stiff? Nurse Joy recently taught me how to relax it with massage.”

▼ Setting up different habitats for baby Charmanders, Squirtles, and Bulbasaurs

▼ Making sure Sobble stays hydrated

But while sharing a home with a Pokémon would mean making compromises and having less personal space…

…at the end of the day…


…we think it’d be totally worth it.

Source: Twitter via IT Media
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