They’re so pretty, you’ll want to buy ’em all!

Jewelry brand U-Treasure is back at it again. As if Pikachu and Mew engagement rings and even custom Pokémon jewelry weren’t enough, now they’ve gone and released beautiful necklaces featuring Eevee and its eight evolutionary forms, to the extreme detriment of our wallets.

The necklaces, which are made of silver, were released on December 7, and each one features Eevee or one of its evolutions sitting on a Pokéball, whose center button is a real gem that corresponds to the type of Pokémon it is. For example, Vaporeon’s gem is a blue aquamarine stone, since it’s a water type.

The figures are a little small when worn, but they’re done in an elegant and tasteful fashion, so you can wear them to school or work with no problem. They’re also a subtle nod to your favorite Eeeveelution, so you can show your love for the Pokémon without being ostentatious, if that’s your style.

Each Pokémon is also carefully carved to a perfect likeness as a full 3-D, 360 degree figure, so they also look great when viewed up close. Flareon, for example, has its adorably fluffy mane and tail shown in great detail. The stone it sits on, by the way, is a ruby, since Flareon is a fire type.

The necklaces retail for 12,000 yen each (US$106.47) on the online store GIV, which specializes in selling beautiful gifts for all fanbases. If you want to buy one, you should probably act fast, because some of the Eeveelutions are already sold out, and the remaining ones have very few stock left!

▼ Jolteon’s electric stone is a yellow citrine quartz.

GIV also has some other U-Treasure/Pokémon collaborations, such as Eeveelution earrings and rings and necklaces featuring other popular Pokémon, so take a look on their website to see if they have anything you might like. The website is only in Japanese, however, and there is no international shipping, so ask a friend in Japan to order them for you if you’re dying to get one. Happy shopping!

Source, Images: PR Times