A delectable chocolate drink shrouded in gold? Count us in!

When it comes to chocolate, it doesn’t get much fancier–or much more expensive–than Godiva. But since their offerings are so beautiful and so tasty, we can help but fork over our hard-earned cash for a nice drink, cake, or box of chocolates occasionally, and when we heard they were selling a new gold-covered chocolate beverage, well, honestly, we just couldn’t say no.

The Chocolixir Golden is a luxury drink that will make you feel rich, and though its 900 yen (US$8.53) price tag for a regular size take-out makes it expensive for a beverage, it’s pretty cheap for Godiva. It also comes in the form of a gold leaf-covered soft serve chocolate ice cream cone for the same price, if that suits your fancy.

We, of course, wanted to try both…in the name of journalism, you understand. Unfortunately, it’s actually pretty hard to find a shop that sells both of these; they’re only sold at a few Godiva chocolate shops, and in limited quantities at that, so you’ll want to confirm that a shop has it before you go. After some diligent research, we found out that the Godiva shop in Copis Kichijoji, a trendy shopping area in Tokyo, offers them. Sadly, when we went, their ice cream machine was broken, so we were limited to only trying the drink.

Still, we were pretty excited to dip our toes into the proverbial golden pool, and when they handed our drink to us, we were super pleased with the look!

On top of the drink was a veritable mountain of whipped cream, which was encased in a huge sheet of gold leaf.

It really was golden! There was no false advertising there. This is a drink of luxury, and a very Instagrammable one at that. We immediately whisked our drink off into the streets of Kichijoji to find a nice photo spot for it, but…

The golden tower soon began to collapse!

Perhaps because of the summer heat, our mountain of whipped cream fairly quickly devolved into a little hill. While its melted form still had some element of elegance to it, we recommend snapping your photos right away if you want a truly impactful Instagram post.

Anyway, on to the most important part: what did it taste like? Of course the first thing we were interested in was the gold leaf. We have eaten gold leaf on ice cream before, but would the whipped cream change its flavor?

No, not really. Gold leaf sort of has an indistinguishable flavor no matter what you eat it with. But it does have a pretty unmistakable texture!

By the way, the drink comes in four different varieties: 27 percent White Chocolate and Vanilla, 31 percent Milk Chocolate, 72 percent Dark Chocolate, and 85 percent Dark Chocolate, so you can choose your desired level of chocolate. We ordered the 31 percent Milk Chocolate, and we can tell you that it was still very rich! If you like chocolate, you will love this.

▼ What it looks like after you’ve been drinking it a while

In any case, we definitely felt cool carrying around a gold leaf-covered drink, even though it was steadily melting with every step. We were surely turning heads in the streets of Kichijoji. People must have thought we were celebrities.

The Chocolixir Golden comes in regular (900 yen for takeout/917 yen for eat-in) and large sizes (1,106 yen for takeout/1,035 yen for eat-in), regardless of whether you choose the drink or the soft-serve ice cream. These have been available for a few weeks already, and in limited quantities, so if you want to try it, go soon!

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