After a series of successes, the popular Japanese donut chain is ready to help you eat ’em all.

Pokémon and food collaborations go hand-in-hand. From ice cream cakes to savory meals at the Pokémon Cafe, there is much to enjoy when it comes to Pokémon-themed foodstuffs. But when you’re on the go, sometimes it’s better to bite into something more portable, and that’s where Pokémon-themed donuts shine.

Mister Donut, a Japanese donut chain with an indomitable domestic reach, will soon enter its third year of collaborating with the beloved Nintendo franchise. To solidify its branding, the donut chain has not only decided on a new slogan, “Enjoy the good with Mister Donut’s Pokémon,” but also announced that starting from November it would be developing new Pokémon donuts for 2020. The pastry franchise also intends to bring back two popular items from 2019: the Pikachu Donut and the Pokéball.

While the Pikachu donut certainly had a tough run when it first launched in 2018, it’s great to see what a rebound it’s had since then. The Pokéball donut, on the other hand, will undergo a revamp. Compared to its 2019 counterpart, the re-design is a direct attempt at creating a 3-D version of the iconic Pokémon symbol. While no specific details have been revealed in terms of the donuts’ flavors, we certainly appreciate this first glance at 2020’s promising Mister Donut line-up.

▼ Callback to Mister Donut’s Pokémon-themed spread from 2019!

New donuts have also been hinted to be included in the future, but unfortunately, the press release has omitted the juicy details, and instead asks fans to wait in patient anticipation until the next announcement. For now, you can longingly stare at the exciting goodies provided in recent years, including boba and even dishware.

Source: PR Times
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