Metapod is here to help you do what it does best: not a single thing.

Pikachu is, without question, the face of the Pokémon franchise. Literally a source of energy, the Electric-type is always ready to see what new adventures lie beyond the horizon.

But if you’re looking for a less active Poké-pal, you’ll find one in Metapod, the cocoon Pokémon.

The evolutionary midpoint between caterpillar-like Caterpie and butterfly-inspired Butterfree, Metapod doesn’t do much. It’s all about keeping its contents safe and secure, and so now it’s ready to provide a cozy temporary home to real-world Pokémon fans with the Metapod You Definitely Won’t Want to Come Out Of.

It’s an item that defies easy categorization. It doesn’t come with any sort of stuffing, so it’s not a stuffed animal, but the unorthodox shape means you don’t lie fully flat, so it’s not quite a sleeping bag either.

The triangular shaped pouch is 170 centimeters (66.9 inches) along its hypotenuse, but can accommodate users (wearers? occupants?) of heights taller than that, since you sit down inside of it.

▼ The model seen here is 175 centimeters tall.

As for what you’re supposed to do once you’re inside, the designers boast that the Metapod You Definitely Won’t Want to Come Out Of allows you to be lazy in a number of different styles.

And honestly, just vegging out seems to be about the only thing you can do in it. The slight protrusion along the front looks like it provides enough space to fold you hands on your lap, but there aren’t any sleeves or fingered gloves on the Metapod You Definitely Won’t Want to Come Out Of, so it doesn’t appear like you’d be able to operate a smartphone, tablet, or mouse while you’re inside (though it would make a pretty awesome gaming seat if you’re playing with a wireless controller).

▼ The promotional photos show a telecommuting salaryman slipping into one, but we’re not sure how he’s going to get any work done.

Really, it seems like the whole point of the Metapod You Definitely Won’t Want to Come Out Of is to force you to take a break from trying to be productive, which, if the lack of a strictly enforced quitting time when working from home has you gradually shouldering more and more responsibilities, might not be such a bad thing.

The Metapod You Definitely Won’t Want to Come Out Of is available here through the Premium Bandai online store, priced at 35,000 yen (US$330). If you decide to get one, you might want to drop your friends and family a line before you crawl in, since who knows when you’ll be emerging.

Source, images: Premium Bandai
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