Elderly woman drives at speed on sidewalk in Japan 【Video】

The scene was captured on video until she disappeared from view.

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China’s “paper building” looks like it would topple over if we pushed hard enough

It’s no secret that the apartments and houses in Japan are incredibly small, especially in saturated areas such as Tokyo. But even Japan’s tiny homes are no match for this extremely narrow “paper building” in Shanghai, China! How do people even live in there?!
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Sister makes tempura out of her little brother’s Gundam figure

Ideally, having a sibling would be great because you always have someone to play with. But most of the time, your brother or sister is a fountain of endless torment and grief. Take this sister for example. She posted the picture above with the caption, “I battered up and fried my little brother’s precious Gundam.” Yeah, siblings are the worst.

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Lightning strikes moving train in Japan 【Video】

Much like sweat-stained shirts or the incessant cry of cicadas, lightning storms are just a part of summer in Japan. But with all of those electrostatic discharges, something other than the ground is bound to be hit.

On August 12, one man in Tokyo not only saw a train being struck by lightning, he caught the frightening scene on film.

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Beautiful Cosplay Girl is Actually Nerdy Guy

Pictures of the cosplayer seen above have been making the rounds on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, being hailed as “just too cute!” Many women post pictures on the internet of themselves cosplaying and these new photos seem to be more of the same. That’s not to say that this young lady doesn’t look good, but at first glance, it doesn’t seem to be a buzzworthy image…that is until you see the pictures of this beautiful girl without makeup and costume.

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