Donuts, bags for your donuts, calendars for your donut shopping days – this bag has it all.

It’s! Finally! Lucky bag season! Again! You love it, we love it, and our wallets love it. Mister Donut knows that it’s more important than ever that we treat ourselves for 2021, and that’s why they’ve announced the contents and release date of their 2021 “MisDo Pokémon” Lucky Bags.

On December 26, these Pokémon/Mister Donut collaboration bags will be up for sale in Mister Donut shops throughout Japan (with a few exceptions). They come in three types separated by the number of donut coupons they have and the different Pokémon goods included.

The cheapest bag, priced at 1,100 yen (US$10.64), includes 10 donut coupons, one of two randomly selected tote bags, and a 2021 calendar. The tote bag features everyone’s favorite Original-gen starters and the starters from Sword and Shield, just like last year. But in 2020, Chansey also makes an appearance!

▼ Fun fact: Chansey’s name in Japanese, “ラッキー”, translates to “Lucky”! For lucky bags. Very punny.

The 2,200 yen bag comes with 20 donut coupons, one of two tote bags, one of two zipper pouches, one of two different designs of masking tape, and a calendar.

▼ The zipper pouch is a first for the MisDo Pokemon lucky bag series.

And finally, the 3,300 yen bag comes packed with 30 donut coupons. It also has a tote bag, planner, zipper pouch, a zipper bag, a calendar, and a roll of masking tape.

▼ At least you’ll have a lot of bags to put your coupons in!

The only catch is that you have to use up all of your donut coupons by May 31, 2021. Somehow, though, we don’t think that will be too much of an issue, especially considering that you can use them for cherry blossom season! Get ready for some serious snacking in 2021.

Source and images: PR Times
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