Get a bit of Japanese traditional culture in your step with shoes designed by tattoo artists from Osaka.

Adidas has released many collaborations in the past with Japanese icons; whether you’re a fan of slaying Titans or into battling Gym Leaders and catching them all, Adidas has everything you need. Now, the sportswear giant has turned its attention to something more old school — ukiyo-e, the traditional Japanese woodblock art.

▼ Adidas Originals SST atmos ‘Mt. Fuji’ (14,000 yen [US$131])

The shoes, called Mt. Fuji, are a result of a three way collaboration between Adidas Originals, Japanese shoe store Atmos and Osaka tattoo parlour/art gallery Three Tides Tattoo artist Ukiyoemon, who as his name suggests, is known for his ukiyo-e art. Ukiyoemon’s art mixes traditional Japanese art with modern life, and his Instagram is full of beautiful ukiyo-e style pictures with a present-day twist.

▼ That’s certainly one way to give up smoking.

Using the classic Adidas model ‘SUPERSTAR‘ as the base, the sneaker is a blue/off white colour, with Mt. Fuji on the side and fireworks exploding around it. The sneakers are elegantly designed, with Mt. Fuji being the centrepiece of the shoe.

These unique shoes are two-toned, with the outer side of the shoes being a slightly deeper tone of blue, and with many more fireworks in the sky. It’s a literal festival for your feet!

The entire outer layer of the shoe is fully decorated, with even the tongue of the shoe displaying an ukiyo-e pattern. The laces are a deep indigo, referencing the Japanese tradition of aizome (indigo dyeing), and the whole shoe is a nod to Japanese culture and design.

Even the red tag near the heel of the shoe, reading ‘Atmos’ in katakana, is a nod to the ukiyo-e style of art.

▼ Styling suggestion–wear your ukiyo-e shoes and sit next to some ukiyo-e art for the full ukiyo-e experience.

▼ See them in action here in this video

If shoes aren’t really your thing, an ukiyo-e themed jacket is also being released. The jacket has a collection of ukiyo-e images on the back, with the Adidas and Atmos logos overlaid on top.

▼ Adidas for Atmos SST TRACK TOP TTT (9,990 yen [US$93])

The shoes and sweater go on sale on March 6 and will be available at Atmos stores and online. If you’re looking to go for the full traditional Japanese experience, you might want to think about wearing them to this samurai-inspired exercise class! 

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Source, images: PR Times
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