Both sides of this Pokémon’s split personality are here to help you with/distract you from whatever you’re doing at your PC.

Since we’re all intelligent people here, it’s safe to assume we’ve already reached a consensus that life is always better when you’ve got a Pokémon around. But you know what’s even better? Having two Pokémon ready to keep you company.

Thankfully, that’s just what you get with the newest PC cushion from online anime retailer Premium Bandai.

While those might look like two different species of Pocket Monsters to the untrained eye, Pokémon Masters will recognize both of the critters as being Morpekos. First joining the Poké-pantheon in the Pokémon Sword and Shield video games, Morpeko’s distinguishing characteristic is that its appearance and powers change depending on whether it’s hungry or full, and so the PC cushion set includes one representative for each tummy status.

▼ Full Morpeko (left) and hungry Morpeko (right)

The included soft wrist-rest reflects this dual nature with its split color pattern too.

One side of the wrist rest is styled like a keyboard, while the other has a pair of illustrated Morpekos.

▼ As a side note, peko peko is the Japanese phrase for “starving/extremely hungry.”

The two Pokémon and wrist rest can be used in any combination you want, since they’re not sewn together. So, for example, if you just want to use the wrist rest and set the Morpekos aside as decorations, you can do that…

…or, alternatively, you can ignore the wrist rest and any pretense of working or studying using your PC, and just cozy up with your Pokémon plushies.

▼ Productivity down, but happiness up!

The Morpeko PC cushion set can be ordered online here from Premium Bandai, priced at 6,820 yen (US$66) with shipping scheduled for August. Meanwhile, if your heart belongs to Pikachu, you can keep your fingers crossed that Premium Bandai will reissue his PC cushion.

Source, images: Premium Bandai
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