After going to all the trouble to raise you, doesn’t Dad probably need more than just a six-pack?

Shopping for a Mother’s Day gift is pretty easy in Japan. Though the tradition didn’t originate here, most Japanese people strongly associate Mother’s Day with carnations, and so a bouquet of the flowers is always a safe choice to say thank you to the woman who gave birth to you.

Things get a little trickier with Father’s Day, though. Yes, a lot of people pick out a necktie for dad, but maybe an indirect reminder of all the hours he spent at the office, grinding away in order to be a good provider, isn’t what he really wants. Maybe he just wants to crack open a cold one and relax, which is where beer maker Asahi comes in.

Asashi offers a variety of gift sets in its Super Dry lineup, and the most festive is the Asahi Super Dry Beer Tower Gift Set. With Father’s Day coming up fast, our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma thought the tower would be a great way to show his gratitude, and also to retroactively apologize for any dumb things he did while growing up which may have made his dad think “Man, I need a drink.”

The set contains 14 350-mililiter (11.8-ounce) cans of Asahi Super Dry, plus an assortment of accoutrements for an extra-festive appearance.

The box itself forms the very bottom of the tower, onto which you stack six cans. Once you’ve got them set up (with labels facing outward for maximum classiness), you place one of the included trays on top of them, then set up a second tier of five more cans.

A second included tray goes on top of them and serves as the base for the three remaining cans.

Next up, it’s time to decorate the tower. The set includes a “Thanks” star and streamer, which Masanuki tied and wrapped around the silver pillar.

Finally, there’s even a balloon, which he blew up and added as the finishing touch.

▼ Finished!

For an extra personal touch, Asahi has also set up a special website where you can make your own Kampai Message (“Cheers Message”) video, using either a photo of yourself or selecting parts for an illustrated avatar.

▼ “Cheers!”

▼ Masanuki’s message to his dad: “Thank you! Please accept this beer tower.”

And with that, all that’s left for Masanuki to do is wait until Father’s Day rolls around and present his dad with his gift.

However, it turns out there’s one big problem with Masanuki’s plan, in that he’s now got a bunch of beer sitting around…

…and the temptation to snag one for himself was too great to resist.

So, though we’re still a few days early, happy Father’s Day, Mr. Sunakoma, and we hope you enjoy your 13 cans of Asahi. For anyone else who’d like to follow Masanuki’s example (as far as giving your dad an Asahi Super Dry beer tower, not stealing one of his beers), the Beer Tower Gift Set can be ordered via the links at the bottom of Asahi’s gift website here, while the Kampai Message video maker site, which requires no purchase to use, is here.

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