Join us as we find the answer to the question “what the heck does glamping sauce really taste like?” 

On 22 September, Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger released a mouthful of a sandwich that came with a mouthful of a name. The Focaccia Sandwich Horseshoe Sausage & Glamping Sauce marked the return of the focaccia sandwich to the menu for the first time in seven years, and this time the theme was all about glamping.

According to Mos Burger, a bite of this focaccia will make you feel like you’re in the great outdoors, even if you’re indoors sitting in your lounge room. That was all our reporter K. Masami needed to hear to set out to buy one, because with her usual camping trips now off the agenda due to the pandemic, she was keen to try anything that promised to fill the campsite-shaped hole in her heart this autumn.

▼ The Focaccia Sandwich Horseshoe Sausage & Glamping Sauce is priced at 420 yen (US$3.83)

The focaccia was a nice change from the usual burgers on the menu, and opening it up revealed a nice surprise — a horseshoe sausage that was generously sized, measuring over 18 centimetres (7 inches) in length.

The horseshoe shape was an ingenious way to cram so much sausage into a focaccia and allow its smoky flavour to permeate every mouthful.

The focaccia, and all the ingredients inside it, were toasty and warm, and when she looked at the feast in front of her it actually reminded her of the meat-and-salad BBQ-style meals you often see at campsites.

The large focaccia looked way more generous than a couple of hamburger buns, and it allowed everything to stay neatly inside while eating. It was soft and chewy, and absolutely delicious.

What really made Masami squeal in delight, though, was the sausage, which burst with umami flavour from the moment she bit into it. It was thick, juicy, slightly smoky and so, so tasty. The portion size was a perfect fit for the focaccia and vegetables, creating a beautiful balance of flavours.

The thing that really brought it all together was the special “glamping sauce“, which Mos Burger describes as “an original BBQ sauce made by slowly boiling vegetables like cabbage and eggplant in tomato ketchup to create a demi-glace sauce”.

The flavour of the sauce was absolutely exquisite — it was like ratatouille mixed with Worcestershire sauce, and there was a tantalising smoky scent of hickory included in the mix as well.

The smoky flavours of both the sauce and the meat whisked Masami’s taste buds away to a forest setting, where she could imagine herself grilling sausages with friends, beer in hand, as the smoke from the campfire filled her nostrils.

Masami may have been indoors that day, with the rain pattering at her windows, but inside her mouth she was far, far away, soaking up the sun in the great outdoors. It was a fantastic meal, and one that Masami is very keen to have again, before it disappears from the menu in early November.

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