This hanten will keep both your body and your heart warm this winter.

As we get deeper into autumn, it’s time to start switching over to warmer clothing, but that presents a problem for cat lovers. What do you wear to keep out the cold, but also leaves the proverbial door open so your kitty can come in for a snuggle session?

The answer is this special Japanese cat cuddle coat.

Hanten are a traditional type of quilted jacket that have been worn in Japan since the Edo period. Nowadays they’re primarily worn at home, where their pillowy softness is almost like wrapping yourself in a comforter with sleeves, keeping you warm and cozy whether you’re doing things around the house or kicking back to relax and inevitably doze off.

But the hanten seen have a unique feature. Made by Miyata Orimono, a traditional tailoring company established in Fukuoka Prefecture 108 years ago, this hanten has n extra fold in its lining to give your cat a place to occupy while it cuddles up to you.

Of course, cats are capricious by nature, and so the garment, called the Nenneko Hanten (neko is the Japanese word for “cat”), allows your feline friend to come and go at their leisure. The inner pouch actually connects to the jacket’s side pocket, which, as the designers point out, makes it a fun tunnel for your cat to crawl through, and also provides opportunities for its tail or face to stick charmingly out the side.

The coats don’t look half-bad without a cat in them either, although they really are at their best when they’re being worn collaboratively by you and your pet.

The Nenneko Hanten is made of 100-percent cotton and is one-size-fits-all (that specific size being 80 centimeters (31,5 inches) long and 67 centimeters across), comes in three color patterns, and is priced at 29,800 yen (US$270). Orders can be made here through the online shop of cat lifestyle brand Neco Labo, and if you’ve got two cats, maybe the other can hang out in Japan’s cat-hole dining room table.

Source: @Press via Japaaan
Images: Neco Labo
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