If your cat is already the master of the house, it may as well have its own place at the table, right?

At first glance, this table from Japanese e-commerce site Dinos looks like just a simple, if stylishly understated, piece of furniture. What makes it special, though, is that it’s designed to make it easier to socialize with your friends.

Of course, you could say that about any table that has room for more than one person, right? Ah, but this table isn’t for spending time with just your human friends, but your feline ones too. So where is your kitty supposed to sit?

Right in the middle! Officially called the Neko to Kutsurogu (“Relaxing with Cats”) Dining Room Table, there’s a circular opening in the center of the oak tabletop that lets your cat peek out and see what’s going on up there.

Access to the opening comes via a platform that stretches between the table’s legs, and it comes with a cover that you can temporarily seal the opening with if you want to keep your cat off the table.

Even when the cover is in place, though, your cat can still lounge on the lower platform.

Dinos also says that you can use the platform as a storage shelf if your cat doesn’t seem interested in hanging out there, but this just seems tempting fate. When, not if, your cat unilaterally decides that it would, after all, like to claim the ledge as part of its dominion, you can expect anything you have put there unceremoniously knocked onto the floor.

▼ In other words, it should be OK for magazines, but you’ll probably want to find another spot to keep your Fabergé eggs.

The Neko to Kutsurogu Dining Room Table is 130 centimeters long by 85 wide (51 by 33 inches), with its cat portal measuring 16 centimeters in diameter. It’s available in either light or dark brown finish, priced at 159,500 yen (US$1,450) yen, and can be ordered here through the Dinos website, which is unfortunately sold out of the ninja parkas they used to sell.

Source: Dinos via PR Times
Images: Dinos
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