If you’re looking to bump into a pack of Slimes, Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood is the place to do it.

Random monster encounters in RPGs have largely fallen out of favor in the modern video game era, but Dragon Quest’s Slime is generally an exception. Whether it’s out of respect to being the first enemy encountered in the first mainstream hit JRPG, or simply because the little blue blob is just so darned cute, pretty much everyone is happy when a Slime suddenly draws near.

Because of that, there have been a lot of smiles recently in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood, where passersby have begun randomly encountering a giant, 3-D Slime in the sky!


▼ It’s especially adorable when it peeks over the side at people down below.

“A Slime appears at Cross Shinjuku Vision!” tweets the official account for the Cross Shinjuku Vision video billboard. “What do you think?” it asks, with the options being “I’m going to go see it,” “It’s cute,” and “See high-resolution version,” with the third choice taking you to the YouTube version of the video.

Since it isn’t long before Dragon Quest’s heroes become strong enough that a single Slime presents no real threat, the monsters often travel in packs, and in short order the slime is joined by one companion after another

…until they eventually congeal into a King Slime!

The whole thing is a celebration of mobile game Dragon Quest of the Stars reaching its sixth anniversary in Japan, and if you’re wondering how they manage to make the Slimes look like they’re bulging out of their perch, it’s thanks to the curved shape of Cross Shinjuku Vision’s screen, which can be used to produce a convincing 3-D effect without the need for special glasses. The billboard first started wowing Tokyoites in the summer with a giant cat, and if you’re lucky, you can catch the kitty and the Slime back-to-back.

▼ Cat → Slime

▼ Slime → Cat

The Slime actually isn’t the first character designed by manga artist Akira Toriyama to appear on Cross Shinjuku Vision, as earlier this month Dragon Ball’s Frieza also popped up to entertain/intimidate any who gazed up at his non-final form.

The Slime video began playing on October 15, six years to the day from Dragon Quest of the Stars’ Japanese launch. There’s no word on how long the 3-D Slimes will be sticking around, but for now, it’s an encounter fans are happy to have.

Source: Twitter/@xspace_tokyo via IT Media
Images: YouTube/CROSS SPACE
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