These cats are done kitten around!

Japanese cats have impressed us before with their ability to crash through doors and prowl up and down entire mountains at night.

But one thing we haven’t really seen them do before is pilot machinery… although now thanks to Japanese Twitter user @jirosan77, the owner of five lovely felines, that has changed forever.

“World War Cat”
Coming to a living room near you!

This cat’s name is Tempura, and how can you not fall in love with that face? It’s the perfect combination of “I have no idea how I got here” and “Listen, hand over the churu and nobody has to get hurt.”

Plus the fact that the tank is made of Amazon boxes adds just the right amount of intimidation. With Jeff Bezos’s empire on Tempura’s side, how can they possibly lose?

And apparently World War Cat is serious business, as other Twitter users were quick to escalate things by posting their own takes, both with Tempura and their own cats:

“Great idea! And cute!”
Image text: “Time to clean up the scum, nyaa!”

▼ “(*ΦωΦ) I’ll join you in battle!”

▼ Apparently “ARL” is a tank that was produced in France right at the end of World War Two… and was also featured in the anime Girls und Panzer.

“We also had a World War lol.”

▼ And even a non-cat made an appearance!
“Cute! My mom made a World War Ham-Ham and I thought it was hilarious.”

▼ @jirosan77 recently posted an update of their own, this time featuring another one of their cats, Anmitsu, ready for “World War Cat Two.”

If you like these pictures, then be sure to give @jirosan77 a follow on their Twitter or Instagram accounts. They post tons of great photos and videos that make for perfect timeline cleanses, such as:

“They were all like this when I was putting out my laundry to dry on the veranda.”

Excellent. Now if we can just get those cats into some adorable cosplays, everything would be right with the world.

Source: Twitter/@jirosan77
Top image: Twitter/@jirosan77
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