Coffee house is giving out cool freebie if you order a drink and a sandwich.

People go weak at the knees when there’s mention of limited-edition items. That’s understandable because if you miss that opportunity to get your hands on a MacDonald’s Hokkaido Melon McShake or Häagen-Dazs Hojicha Latte ice cream, it’s gone forever.

Speaking of limited items, right now, whenever customers order certain sandwiches and an accompanying drink from Starbucks stores in Japan, they’ll receive a stylish picnic sheet absolutely free! This will no doubt be music to your ears if you frequent the coffee chain. You can choose from a range of sandwiches, and any drink is fine!

Our Starbucks-loving Japanese-language writer K. Masami lives in Nara, and is hoping to take advantage of the splendid spring weather for a quiet picnic. While sitting down on a park’s lawn might sound like a lovely idea, a great number of deer reside in Nara as well, making it a battlefield full of poop-landmines. Those cunning brown things have an uncanny ability to hide in places you least expect, and so Masami was grateful for the Starbucks promotion.

Take your pick of one of five sandwiches (Basil Chicken, Egg, Clubhouse, Honey Ham with Cheddar Cheese, or Avocado Shrimp with Mozzarella) and order a drink of any kind (even the limited-edition American Cherry Pie Frappuccino will do). Our writer ordered a Clubhouse sandwich and an Iced Soy Latte to go along with it.

▼ The makings of a perfect picnic!

The store clerk passed Masami her picnic sheet, which our writer noticed was fairly large. Measuring 60 by 90 centimeters (23.6 by 35.4 inches), there was enough space to allow two adults to sit comfortably on it.

What’s more, the picnic sheet was rather stylish, not the product of some slipshod workmanship. Place your favorite Starbucks Frappuccino, sandwich or dessert on it and you’ll be on your way to chic city! Masami found herself wishing she could get another sheet for her Starbucks collection.

▼ K. Masami with her loot

Our writer seriously thought about keeping it as an unused decoration instead of sitting down on her newly-acquired picnic sheet in Nara Park. She recommends you hurry, though this promotion only continues while supplies last! When it’s gone, it’s gone!

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