For cool kids who are all grown up.

In Japan, the hard-cased randoseru schoolbag is more than a bag, it’s a symbol of growing up that remains a precious part of childhood nostalgia throughout one’s lifetime.

Worn by children during their early school years, the randoseru is an expensive investment that’s built to last, but it’s usually only made in children’s sizes, meaning once you’ve grown out of it, it’s time to move on to other bags.

Recently, though, manufacturers are realising there’s a market out there for adult-sized randoserus, and this latest one is a stylish new take on the schoolbag that sees it re-emerge in an unusual sling-style.

▼ The SaKuRandoseru comes in three colours: black, brown, and dark brown.

The design perfectly replicates the schoolbag, even with the top handle and bottom clasp, but instead of having two carry straps, it has one.

Dubbed the “School Bag Type Sling Bag Ver1.1“, this bag is a new and improved version of the SaKuRandoseru previously made by its makers, PureStar.

▼ Take a look at the video below to see the difference between the old and new versions.

This new version is a lot sturdier than the previous one, keeping it more in line with real randoserus, which are known for their tough construction. Unlike real randoserus, this one is a lot smaller, but despite its compact size, you can still fit a lot into it, as this video below shows.

It’s everything an adult needs for a quick outing, and while the casing is strong and sturdy, the back is cushioned for comfort.

The SaKuRandoseru has everything we love about the child’s randoseru, but with smarter details that make it a fashionable accessory for adults. Plus, the shoulder belt can be adjusted so you can easily sling it over your left or right side, and it can be carried by the top handle as well.

The School Bag Type Sling Bag Ver1.1 is currently available via the Campfire crowdfunding site, with prices starting at 30,170 yen (US$261.62), which is a 29.5-percent discount on the retail price.

The campaign has already smashed its crowdfunding goal of 300,000 yen which means they’ll will now be going straight into production, so fashionistas can soon turn heads with their adult schoolbags on the streets.

Images: Campfire/SaKuRandoseru
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