Eight different designs for adults, 10 for kids, and a whole bunch of other fashion items too.

The Sailor Moon anime/manga franchise owes much of its look to its country of origin, what with the Sailor Senshi’s outfits taking inspiration from Japanese school uniforms. In a similar way, the Vans is a reflection of the skater styles that originated in southern California.

But even though Sailor Moon and Vans started an ocean apart from each other, their respect for one another has stretched across the Pacific, and they’re now teaming up for a brand-new line of footwear and fashion items.

Starting things off is a pair of Sk8-Hi Stacked high-tops featuring Sailor Moon’s Transformation Brooch and ribbon, plus the series’ Japanese logo and Sailor Senshi guardian planet markings wrapped the bottom edge.

Vans is best known for their canvas sneakers, though, and there are plenty of those in the collection, many with more obvious nods to the anime, like this pair with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask on your toes, and the rest of the Senshi elsewhere.

Other designs incorporate Vans’ classic checkerboard pattern or give the evil Queen Beryl and her minions their due. There’s also a subtle pair with the guardian planet symbols set against the starry sky, if you want to broadcast your love of the series in a way that only fellow fans are likely to pick up on.

And if you’re looking for some sandals for the warm summer months ahead, Vans has you (but not your toes) covered.

In total, Vans has eight different adult-sized Sailor Moon show models ready to grace your anime-loving feet, with prices ranging from 6,600 yen (US$52) to 15,950

In addition, they’ve got 10 kids-size designs, priced between 4,950 and 7,700 yen.

▼ Yes, the fuzzy Luna sneakers are definitely the most adorable.

Of course, you need more than shoes when you’re putting together an outfit. For women, Vans is offering a crew-necked fleece top with Transformation Brooch and sailor collar graphics, as well as a character art T-shirt and Luna beanie and pouch.

Unisex-cut apparel items include a hoodie, backpack, more T-shirts, and even a button-up option.

The whole lineup goes on sale June 17 at Vans Store branches in Japan, as well as the ABC-Mart shoe shop chain and the ABC-Mart Gran DStage online shop.

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Source: Vans via Nijimen

Images: Vans
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