A functional sushi factory for your dinner table.

Revolving sushi restaurants are one of life’s great joys, and Japan’s love for them is so great that there are even toy trains designed to let you recreate the experience at home. But what makes this new set special is that it doesn’t just deliver your sushi, it makes it for you too!

Manufacturer Takara Tomy Arts calls it the Kurukuru Norimaki Kojo, or the “Around and Around Sushi Roll Factory,” and if you look closely you’ll see that the vehicle isn’t a model train car, but more of a construction vehicle of some sort. As it completes its circular circuit it puts together a morsel of gunkan-style seaweed-wrapped sushi for you, just as long as you’ve pre-loaded the necessary ingredients.

▼ The Kurukuru Norimaki Kojo in action

First, you’ll need to form the rice base, which is easy to do with the included hand mold.

Once you’ve got a rice disc ready, place it on the “Sushi Loader” vehicle and send it on its journey to gunkan-ness. At the first checkpoint, called the Seaweed Rolling Gate, the system will automatically wrap the rice in seaweed that’s been loaded into the slot.

After the seaweed is firmly wrapped, the sushi loader will continue on its way to the Topping Drop station, which has three separate scoops that you can stock with the toppings of your choice. Here the system will, once again automatically, add one of the toppings.

Finally, upon arrival at the Sushi Geta Slider, the Sushi Loader will unload its cargo, sliding it onto the flat sushi serving tray known as a sushi geta, because of its resemblance in shape to blocky geta sandals.

The tireless Sushi Loader is then ready for another lap, so place another disc of rice on it, and it’ll go around again, making and delivering another piece of sushi.

Speaking of the Sushi Geta Slider, it has wheels on the bottom, so you can also configure it to use as a flatbed car that the Sushi Loader pulls behind itself, if want to use the Kurukuru Norimaki Kojo more like a conventional at-home sushi train.

The Kurukuru Norimaki Kojo is priced at 6,578 yen (US$49) and goes on sale this October. No word yet on whether it’s compatible size-wise with the Demon Slayer’s Mugen sushi train.

Source, images: PR Times
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