conveyer belt sushi

We try a rotating sushi restaurant in New Delhi, are surprised to find no rotating sushi

Our Japanese-language reporter learns to appreciate cheap, Japanese conveyer belt sushi.

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Pileup on sushi conveyor belt causes chaos for diners at restaurant chain in Japan

Derailment at a sushi restaurant leaves everyone confused.

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Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain makes sushi with the help of artificial intelligence

At least when the machines take over there’ll be good sushi to eat.

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Which conveyor belt sushi place’s chawanmushi egg custard is the best? We investigate【Taste Test】

If you skip this sometimes-overlooked part of a traditional sushi restaurant meal, you’re missing out! Read More

We try a rotating sushi chain’s super high-quality 3-layer caviar, sea urchin & fatty tuna sushi

For just 300 yen, you can try some of Japan’s most luxurious sushi ingredients, but is it worth it?

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Post-meal waste at Japanese sushi restaurant sparks controversy online

A lesson in what not to do at a revolving sushi joint in Japan.

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Sharpen your sushi-selecting skills with the High Speed Sushi-Go-Round Quiz! 【Videos】

This video quiz just might be the first step to acquiring the speed and precision to become a revolving sushi master.

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