Luffy and Shanks share a heartwarming moment in collection celebrating upcoming One Piece anime movie.

The One Piece manga is currently on hiatus as creator Eiichiro Oda gears up for the long-awaited finale arc of the series. But the franchise is still giving fans something to get excited about while they wait for the Straw Hat Pirates to resume their voyage, and it’s doing that by partnering with Uniqlo for a new line of One Piece T-shirts.

Technically, the collection isn’t meant as consolation for the manga’s hiatus, but as a celebration for the upcoming One Piece Film: Red, the franchise’s 15th theatrical-feature anime. There’s a total of four short-sleeved shirts in the lineup, starting with a fired-up Luffy throwing a fiery punch.

There’s art on both the front and back, giving you two perspectives on the self-proclaimed future king of the pirates.

▼ Though this does sort of make it look like Luffy has rammed his fist clean through your chest.

The title of One Piece Film: Red is ostensibly a reference to Red-Haired Shanks, Luffy’s boyhood idol/mentor, and so one of the shirts shows the older pirate gently gifting the kid his iconic straw hat.

▼ Only the front of this shirt has artwork.

Should you have the understandable desire for a One Piece Film: Red shirt that’s, well, red, Uniqlo has got you covered too.

You get the name and insignia of the Red-Haired Pirates on the chest, but this time it’s the back that’s the main focus, where you’ll find portraits of Shanks and his crew.

And last, if your loyalty is to the Straw Hat Pirates above any other faction, there’s a shirt with the core cast wearing their fancy new costumes for the upcoming film.

▼ No design on the back for this shirt either.

All of the shirts are priced at 1,500 yen (US11.20) and can be ordered through the Uniqlo website here when they go on sale June 11, just under a month before One Piece Film: Red debuts in theaters and right in the middle of the free-to-read period for over 20 years’ worth of One Piece manga online.

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