Sumikkos’ trip to the Food Kingdom serves as inspiration for adorable food, drink, and merch.

You won’t find an anime/character goods line with a cozier atmosphere than Sumikkogurashi. The series follows a group of shy animals as they…well, they just sort of hang out, creating a warm and fuzzy atmosphere and quietly accepting each other’s’ quirks, like how Shirokuma the polar bear hates the cold, Penguin? (yes, the question mark is part of the charter’s name) suspects it might actually be a kappa water imp, and Tonkatsu, the end piece of a pork cutlet, was left uneaten because of its especially high fat content.

Within their stories, the Sumikko friends often gather at their neighborhood cafe, and now fans will get the opportunity to do the same with the opening of Sumikkogurashi Cafes in five cities.

The pop-up cafe will be appearing in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Miyagi (near Sendai), with the Tokyo location already open and the rest coming soon. Instead of being based on the Sumikkos’ local coffeeshop, though, the Sumikkogurashi Cafe draws its inspiration from the story in which the characters travel to the Food Kingdom, as seen in the video here.

Several of the sights the Sumikkos see in the edible domain are being recreated for the cafe, such as the Food Kingdom Carriage, a pork cutlet sandwich pulled by an onigiri rice ball…

…and Castle Fried Food, the palatial home of King Tonkatsu.

▼ Though in a twist, the cafe’s Castle Fried Food is actually a sweet dessert cake, with crunch chocolate-covered banana slices disguised as fried shrimp.

Also on the menu are Mt. Rice Omelet, being summited by Shirokuma…

…and the Sushi Parachute Parfait, sushi parachuting being a popular pastime in the Food Kingdom.

Similar to the Castle Fried Food Cake, what looks like a piece of tuna sushi at the top of the Sushi Parachute Parfait is actually a sweet dessert. If you like your deserts a little more openly sweet-looking, though, you can opt for the Soda Lake Purin à La Mode, with Tokage (the lizard who’s secretly one of the world’s last dinosaurs) rowing around an array of desserts including custard pudding.

On the beverage side, there are “Sumikko Drinks that Look Like Vegetabeles,” which are, in fact, ice cream float sodas…

…and in a very accommodating move, you can pick which one of the five core characters you want as your latte art, instead of it being random.

Naturally, the cafes have attached shops with a slew of special merch featuring the five main characters and King Tonkatsu.

Keychains and magnets

▼ Acrylic character stand coasters and pouches

▼ Clear files, hand towel, teacup, and onigiri case

The cafe charges a reservation fee of 715 yen (US$5.55) per person, but you do get one of two coloring books in exchange. Purchasing more than 3,000 yen worth of merch also gets you a special Sumikkogurashi shopping bag, while supplies last.

Dates and locations for the five Sumikkogurashi Cafes are:
Tokyo: February 23-April 16, Box Cafe & Space Tokyo Solamachi
● Miyagi: March 9-April 9, Baller:s Aeon Mall Shinrifu
● Osaka: March 17-April 16, Abeno Contact
● Nagoya: March 23-April 23, Box Cafe & Space Nagoya Lachic Building 2
● Yokohama: March 23-April 23, Collabo Index Lumine Yokohama

Reservations can be made through the official Sumikkogurashi Cafe here, and the site even allows you to order the cafe merch items online, in case you can’t get to one of the restaurants in-person.

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Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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