Three Coins collaboration offers dozens of items for the Sailor Moon fan on a budget.

We make no secret of our love of 100 yen shops here at SoraNews24. Every now and again, though, when we’re flush with cash and in the mood to treat ourselves to something really nice, we’ll splurge on a trip to Three Coins, Japan’s most popular chain of 300 yen shops.

Right now we’re being especially diligent about saving up our coins, because Three Coins is about to launch a huge collaboration with Sailor Moon.

Three Coins is especially well-loved for its wide variety of stylishly cute housewares and lifestyle products, and the total lineup consists of dozens of pieces to choose from. A very cool touch is that rather than repurposing some existing artwork, the illustrations of the Sailor Senshi used for Three Coins were created exclusively for this team-up.

Three Coins prices start at 330 yen (US$2.45), including Japan’s 10-percent sales tax, making the above zippered pouch (with Usagi on one side and Chibi Usa on the other) or these coasters a very budget-friendly way to add some Sailor Moon style to your day.

And while some of the items are in 3 Coins’ premium price tiers, even those are pretty easy on your wallet/coin purse, with almost everything in the lineup costing 330, 550, or 880 yen. At the 550-yen level, your options include a fold-up reusable eco shopping bag

fancy mugs in three designs, one with Usagi, one with her transformation items, and one with all five Inner Senshi…


…two different jewelry pouch designs…

…and even this extra-classy desk mirror.

880 yen can get you, among other items, a room fragrance set (“Jaune Rose” aroma for Usagi, “Paris Rose” for Chibi Usa)…

…transformation item folding umbrella

…laptop case…

…or 12-centimeter-square (4.7-inch) glass curio box (which Three Coins calls a “glass tray.”)

For the truly wealthy Sailor Moon fan who’s walking around with paper money (the smallest yen bill is 1,000 yen), at 1,100 yen there’s the “vanity pouch,” a soft-sided makeup case

…and a two-level afternoon tea tray, with plates that can be detached for easier washing and storage.

And at the very top of the line are a pair of bath towels, for 1,650 yen each.

But again, even if all you’ve got to spend is 330 yen, there’s some very cool stuff in the Three Coins Sailor Moon line that can be yours for less than the price of a Starbucks matcha latte.

▼ Drawstring pouches, makeup brushes, mouse pads – all 330 yen!

Oh, and if you’re hoping to be a souvenir-supplying hero among your friends, you’ll want to grab some of the dual-illustration charm/keychain-style slide mirrors, which are also just 330 yen each. The Usagi/Chibi Usa one is available both at physical 3 Coins shops and through online orders, while the remaining Senshi are exclusively for online shoppers.

▼ Naturally you’ll keep the one with Makoto for yourself and pass the lesser Senshi off to your friends.

The 3 Coins Sailor Moon line goes on sale June 3 at physical stores and June 5 through its online store, called Pal Closet, here. Meanwhile, on the extreme other side of the price spectrum, that 54,780-yen Hirado Zaiku Silver Crystal Pendant is still available, and if between all these items you do manage to exhaust your budget, don’t forget that a big chunk of the Sailor Moon anime is officially free to watch on YouTube right now.

Source: Three Coins via IT Media
Images: Three Coins
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