It’s OK to eat chocolate for breakfast as long as you have some fruit with it too, right?

Generally speaking, “breakfast” and “chocolate” are two things that don’t intersect very much in our lives, even if we wish they did. Also a wistful daydream connection we don’t get to make very often: “Godiva” and “surprisingly low-priced.”

But all four of those words and phrases were running through the mind of our Japanese-language reporter Yuichiro Wasai on a recent morning when he stopped by a Godiva Cafe in Tokyo and had a decadently delicious breakfast that didn’t cost significantly more than it would at just about any other cafe in the city.

Godiva Cafe’s morning sets are available until 11 a.m., so they’re a breakfast option even if you’re not an especially early riser. You’ve got two to choose from, with the A Set a very affordable luxury at 630 yen (US$4.65) and the B Set just a little more at 730 yen. And yes, both feature Godiva chocolate.

The A Set gets you a waffle (always a good way to start your day), a drink, and, because this is Godiva, chocolate mousse.

The mousse has an exquisitely balanced flavor, Yuichiro found – sweet, but not too sweet. It paired excellently with his cup of hot coffee, which was on the decidedly bitter side and created a very pleasant contrast with the sweet flavors of the food.

▼ Aside from coffee, you can also select black tea, herbal tea, or Godiva’s signature G Chocolat chocolate drink as your beverage.

Opting for the B Set instead gets you a drink and a crepe.

The crepe is drizzled with chocolate sauce and dusted with chocolate powder, and tucked inside is a generous quantity of sliced orange.

It’s as delicious as it looks, and we’re pretty sure that the presence of fruit means that this qualifies as a health food, so it’s a perfectly responsible choice of breakfast.

Really, the only things holding Yuichiro back from stopping by a Godiva Cafe for breakfast every day are that the chain doesn’t have all that many branches, and not every branch offers the Morning Sets. Currently, they’re available at three branches in Tokyo (Nihonbashi, Iidabashi, and the “Tokyo” branch, located in the Yaesu Granroof complex next to Tokyo Station), one in Yokohama (Minato Mirai), and one in Saitama Prefecture (Omiya). Even those branches just started serving the Morning Sets this April, though, so hopefully we’ll see their availability start spreading to the rest of the chain soon.

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