14 stars each from the Sailor Moon and Sanrio worlds join forces for the ultimate cuteness.

Back in February, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi teamed up with Hello Kitty and her fellow Sanrio characters for a special line of merchandise overflowing with kawaii power. But the two-part theatrical anime Sailor Moon Cosmos has since brought a few more Sailor Moon characters into the magical girl series’ reboot, and they need Sanrio partners too, so it’s time for a fresh batch of Sailor Moon/Sanrio crossover goods.

With Sailor Moon Cosmos being an adaptation of the Sailor Moon manga’s Stars arc, the Sailor Starlights, as well as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, enter the narrative. In the case of the Starlights, their Sanrio partners seem to have been chosen with personality quirks that contrast their own: straightforward Sailor Star Fighter pairs with contrarily minded crow (and beef bowl pitchman) Badtz-maru, cool-and-collected Sailor Star Maker with easily agitated penguin Tuxedo Sam, and tsundere Sailor Star Healer with good-natured and easy-going frog Keroppi. Chibi Chibi Moon, meanwhile, is partnered with Cogimyun, who might look like a poodle at first glance but is actually a wheat flour fairy.

For each pair, there’s a costume exchange going on, with the Sanrio characters wearing the sailor suits of their respective Senshi and the Sailor Moon characters sporting accessories shared with or inspired by their special Sanrio friend, like Sailor Moon wearing Hello Kitty’s ribbon or Sailor Venus donning Pom Pom Purin’s beret.

All of the other Senshi return with the same Sanrio partner, for a total of 14 pairs in the lineup! The entire group is represented in the above-pictured 880-yen (US$6.15) Secret Charm series of decorative straps with planetary symbols. For the purpose of this crossover, “secret” refers to getting one design at random, which is also the case with the Secret Acrylic Stands (693 yen)…

…and the Secret Tins and Memo Pads (990 yen).

On the other hand, you do get to pick who you want for the Mascot Holder plushie straps (3,630 yen), although the Outer Senshi and Starlights aren’t options.

Other plushies include the larger Eternal Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty (7,150 yen each)…

…and the Mascot Holders for Kitty-chan, Chibi Moon partner My Melody, and Cogimyun (2,970 yen).

You can get all the Inner Senshi and three Moons together on the zippered pouch (1,980 yen) and makeup bag (3,300 yen)…

…and the reusable eco shopping bag, which comes with a holder modeled on the Eternal Moon Article, Sailor Moon’s final transformation brooch (3,300 yen for the set).

Speaking of the Eterna Moon Article, it’s also the motif for the hand mirror (2,000 yen).

Rounding off the line are a pair of two-clip hairclip sets (792 yen per set)…

…a three-piece clear file set (594 yen)…

…and a sticker set (594 yen), so that you can turn any item you want into a Sailor Moon/Sanrio item.

The entire line goes on sale August 24 at Sanrio physical stores and other retailers in Japan, as well as the Sanrio Online Shop.

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Source, images: PR Times
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