YuYu Hakucho apparel line blends ‘90s anime and Christmas sweater aesthetics for a unique otaku look.

Japan is a country of stark seasonal differences. So while right now the weather is hot enough that we’ve had to resort to some very suspicious, even suggestive-looking ways to stay cool, a few months from now we’ll need to bundle ourselves up against the crisp autumn air, followed by the full-on winter cold.

So it’s not too soon to start sorting out your cold-weather wardrobe, and the cast of hit anime/manga YuYu Hakusho are here to help. Well, maybe they’re here to hinder, as the characters are appearing on a line of intentionally ugly sweaters.

Seriously – they’re officially called the YuYuHakusho Ugly Sweaters. Created by anime/game-themed apparel and interior design brand Palude, there are five sweaters in the lineup, each looking like the sort of thing your grandma would knit or buy for you as a Christmas gift, if your grandma was an otaku who’s into supernatural martial arts battle series.

Naturally, the first of the acrylic sweaters features protagonist Yusuke Urameshi, firing off a blast with his iconic Spirit Gun technique. Also appearing on the Yusuke sweater is Four Beasts leader Suzaku, who’s locked in battle with our hero.

Next we have the Kazuma Kuwabara sweater, featuring Yusuke’s former rival/faithful friend. Towards the bottom of the sweater, Kuwabara’s hands can be seen crackling with the energy of his Spirit Sword attack, but his softer side is also on display in the pattern with depictions of Yukina, the snow maiden he’s in love with.

Sunglasses are mainly a summer accessory, but you’ll want to bust out the shades if you’re rocking the Younger Toguro sweater. And if you think his older brother is the best Toguro, don’t despair, because the gray-haired Elder Toguro is present too, near the waist hem.

There’s no room for a second guest character on the Kurama sweater, though, as the fan favorite fox spirit has the garment all to himself.

And last, Hiei is also popular enough for a solo sweater, in which he’s powering up his Dragon of the Darkness Flame technique and warning “Don’t mess with me.”

The entire lineup is available for preorders now through the online shop of novelty retailer Village Vanguard here, priced at 14,300 yen (US$99) each. Preorders close on September 7 at 9 p.m., and delivery is scheduled for late November/early December, meaning you can have yours in time for Christmas.

Source, images: PR Times
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