First-ever collaboration includes a Galette des Rois “King Cake” doughnut for New Year.

As Japan’s premier doughnut chain, Mister Donut can pick and choose who it collaborates with, giving us fantastic limited-edition releases from Pokémon, acclaimed pastry chef Toshi Yoroizuka, and esteemed Kyoto green tea specialists Gion Tsujiri.

Now the chain is teaming up with Belgian-based chocolate company Godiva for the very first time, giving us a range of doughnuts that contain Godiva chocolate in the dough and the toppings.

Inspired by chocolate gâteau, there are four new varieties coming our way, promising to deliver a moist, melt-in-your-mouth texture with the use of a “premium chocolate doughnut dough”.

▼ Ganache Chocolat

Bitter ganache and whipped ganache are sandwiched within this doughnut, which is finished with a rich chocolate coating and pearl chocolates for an elegant look.

▼ Praline Chocolat

This doughnut has a coating of whipped cream and rich roasted almond praline, and is topped with candy almonds and icing sugar to add “a touch of glamor”.

▼ Caramel Chocolat

A luxurious squeeze of salted butter caramel cream sits upon this chocolate doughnut, with a sprinkling of cocoa powder to finish. The rich sweetness of chocolate and salted butter caramel combines for an addictive salty sweet flavour.

▼ Galette Des Rois Chocolat

The crowning jewel of the collection, this sweet has been made with an original premium chocolate pie dough specially developed for this collaboration. Containing a centre of almond cream and chocolate combined with custard cream, this doughnut has a similar crispy texture and taste to a Galette des Rois, the “King Cake” commonly eaten in France on 6 January to celebrate Epiphany, or “King’s Day”, so-called as it was said to be the day when the Three Kings visited the Christ child, according to Christianity.

Galette des Rois are commonly sold with a crown, which is to be worn by the person who finds the fève, a small decoration, hidden inside the cake. While this doughnut doesn’t come with a fève, it does come with a small crown, as a cute nod to the cake that inspired it.

The three ring doughnuts retail for 330 yen (US$2.28) each for eat-in or 324 yen for takeout, while the Galette Des Rois doughnut retails for 363 yen for eat-in or 356 yen for takeout.

Alternatively, you can buy all four doughnuts, and receive a specially designed paper bag to carry them in, for 1,328 yen.

The new doughnuts will be available at Mister Donut branches around Japan from 11 January until early February, and according to the chain, a second yet-to-be-seen set will be making its debut on 31 January.

Godiva certainly has grown in leaps and bounds since arriving in Japan in 1972, now lending its hand to traditional Japanese daifuku sweets and even convenience store curry bread. Who knows where it will pop up next!

Source, images: PR Times
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