Chain’s infamous “Fake Burger” is said to be returning after a four-year absence.

It’s that time of year again when we question all the news reports we read in the lead-up to April Fools’ Day. Here to keep us on our toes is Burger King, who today announced the return of The Fake Burger in Japan, after a four-year absence.

Fans will remember when a similar announcement was made back in October 2020, when nothing but a pixelated image was shared of the product before it was released.

▼ 2020’s The Fake Burger

After much excitement and speculation as to what the burger might contain, the 2020 burger was eventually revealed to be….

▼…a burger stuffed with French fries.

Now, four years later, Burger King is drumming up excitement yet again with another set of pixelated promo images for The Fake Burger, with the tagline “アイツが4年ぶりに帰ってくる” (“aitsu ga yonnen buri ni kaette kuru”), which roughly translates as “After four years, that guy returns.”

Interestingly the word “aitsu” (“that guy”) has stars above it, which might be used to provide emphasis…or allude to a clue. “Aitsu” is also a bit dubious, as it can be used to refer to the burger itself, or “a guy”, and peering at the pixelated image, it really does look like some guy is hiding behind the pixelation.

▼ That’s definitely a nose, eyes and mouth…isn’t it?

While Burger King says it can’t reveal the ingredients or flavour of the burger just yet, it does say that “once you try it, you’ll definitely be addicted to its deliciousness”.

Despite that cryptic message, given that the release date is 1 April, all signs point to this being an April Fools’ Day joke, so we’re looking forward to the big reveal in a few days’ time. What — or who — do you think is hiding behind the pixelation? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: PR Times
Featured image: PR Times
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