Cake, as always, is the real treasure we’re looking for.

Cake usually doesn’t have to do anything other than exist to convince us to buy it, and it’s something we, and other sweets fans, will happily go out of their way to obtain. Still, if cake wants to give us an additional reason to eat it, and make the buying process extra convenient too, we’re definitely not going to complain.

So we’ve got big smiles on our faces after finding out that Japan now has vending machines that sell One Piece cakes.

We can thank Tokyo-based creative cake maker for this convenient crossover with the hit anime/manga franchise. The machines are stocked with 17 One Piece treats that draw inspiration from Luffy and the rest of the cast of characters, with ingredients chosen to reflect their image colors plus label illustrations featuring the Straw Hat Pirates in their Egghead Arc attire.

▼ Luffy (strawberry shortcake) and Zoro (pistachio)

▼ Nami (orange) and Usopp (lemon)

▼ Sanji (grape) and Chopper (strawberry)

Spinning the containers around for a better view, we can see that there’s quite a lot of cream inside, so to keep the cakes fresh they’re sealed airtight in their glass jars and kept frozen inside the machine, and you eat them after they’ve thawed out.

▼ Robin (blueberry rare cheesecake) and Franky (blueberry)

▼ Brook (black sesame) and Jinbe (chocolate parfait)

All of the cakes are priced at 1,000 yen (US$6.25) and the above 10 are also available online through’s web shop. The Luffy Gear 5 (grape sundae) cake, though, is exclusive to the vending machines…

…as are the three wanted poster cakes, all of which are trifles (“trifles” here being desserts of sponge cake, fruit, and custard, not trivial, unimportant matters, because cake is never unimportant).

All of the above cakes are sold in a random, gacha format, but you can exert some measure of control over your dessert destiny with the final three cakes, all of which are also priced at 1,000 yen but can be specifically selected.

▼ Straw Hat Pirates Egghead Arc (trifle)

▼ Straw Hat Pirates Icon Pattern (strawberry shortcake)

▼ Dr. Vegapunk and Cats Pattern (chocolate)

The One Piece cake vending machines are up and running now in Tokyo at the Machida, Kokubunji, and Kichijoji branches of department store Marui, as well as Soka Marui in Saitama Prefecture, plus the Totsuka and Kashiwa branches of department store Modi in Kanagawa and Chiba Prefectures, respectively. The non-vending machine-exclusive One Piece cakes are now on sale through the online store too, where you can also get a real-life Gum-Gum Fruit cake if you want even more One Piece sweets.

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Source: PR Times via Nijimen
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, (1, 2)
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