Japanese bento serves up a slice of the samurai life in a special carry case

Lunch like a warrior in Tokyo for a limited time.

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Through the eyes of a ninja – Thrilling drone video recreates shinobi raid at historical temple

Ninja and samurai duel inside the centuries-old “Temple of the Shogun” in Aichi Prefecture.

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New capsule toy collection features military commander samurai armour from the Sengoku Period

Historically accurate replicas of samurai helmets and armour will soon be coming to vending machines at castles around the country.

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What a powerpoint presentation by the Tokugawa Shogunate would look like in Edo period Japan

In an era of executions and forced suicides, this is one presentation you wouldn’t want to doze off in.

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New Head Priest of Controversial Yasukuni Shrine Appointed

Yasuhisa Tokugawa is a descendant of the Tokugawa family consisting of the legendary Shoguns such Ieyasu Tokugawa. Yasuhisa, now 64, had a successful career in the oil business from which he retired.

Now he’s doing what you’d probably expect a retired business man to do: he became the head priest of the most controversial shrine in Japan.

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