Chocoholic Cocoa and stylish Valentine’s drinkware are also ready to receive your love.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is as much about chocolate as it is romance. Actually, since Christmas Eve is actually the year’s biggest date night here, you could actually make the argument that for many people, Valentine’s Day is about chocolate first and foremost, and everything else is, at most, a distant second.

So for anyone who’s love for chocolate is strong enough to qualify as an obsession, Starbucks Japan is adding two “Chocoholic” beverages to its menu in the runup to Valentine’s Day. Going on sale January 24 is the Valentine Chocoholic Frappuccino, made from fragrant coffee chocolate sauce and white mocha with chocolate chips mixed into the dessert drink.

But since the weather is still decidedly chilly, Starbucks also has a hot beverage joining its lineup on the 24th, in the form of the Valentine Chocoholic Cocoa, in which the coffee chocolate sauce is combined with rich milk. No chocolate chips here, presumably because they’d melt.

Delicious as they sound, neither drink has much in the way of traditional Valentine’s aesthetics, so Starbucks is taking care of that aspect of the holiday with a new line of drinkware, featuring tumblers, bottles, and mugs adorned with hearts in a stylish mix of pink and mint green hues.

A tall Valentine Chocoholic Frappuccino will set you back 540 yen (US$4.80), while prices for the Valentine Chocoholic Cocoa start at 430 yen for a short. Both will be offered only until Valentine’s Day itself, February 14, so you’ll want to take decisive action instead and not beat around the bush in declaring your love for chocolate, lest you miss you chance to try them.

Source: Starbucks via Entabe
Images: Starbucks