Japanese politician gets caught watching a crocodile video during a parliamentary session

The politician made a snap judgement to continue watching the video.

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The Crocodile Who Dies in 100 Days is due to die today and people can’t bear it

Final day of a manga has the nation on the edge of their seats.

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Russian crocodile hospitalized after woman falls on it

It’s one of those tragic accidents that seems to replay itself far too often. Not a week goes by that I don’t open up the newspaper and hear yet again about how a crocodile has been injured by a woman not wearing her seatbelt.

Whelp, here we go again… On 20 May in Murmansk, Russia a two-meter-long crocodile named Fedya was treated for injures after a 120kg (265lbs) woman fell on it. This incident started off like they always do, with a minibus full of circus performers driving through the Arctic.

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Underwater snap will remove any fears you ever had about crocodiles

If you were asked to imagine the behavioral traits of your average crocodile, surely the first thing that would come to mind is a creature floating on the surface of the water with a fixed look as it lies in wait for its prey. However, it may well be time to put such thoughts behind you. The following image of a crocodile swimming in its enclosure at a crocodile farm, which is currently doing the rounds online, is winning the hearts of thousands of Japanese.

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Thousands of Crocodiles Emerge From Water in China, Sign of Imminent Earthquake?

Thousands of crocodiles emerged from water at an ecological park in Nanjing, China, on September 8.

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