Long wallet or bifold? What your wallet says about you in Japan

For some people, the way a man carries his money can be a dealbreaker. 

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Japan’s “First Date Awards” reveals the best places to wine and dine when dating in Tokyo

These award-winning restaurants tick all the boxes for a successful first date in the capital. 

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Japanese Twitter breaks down the perfect spot for a first date, and it’s surprisingly cheap

Flummoxed about where to take a prospective partner for the first time in Japan? Twitter, as always, has the answer (well, an answer).

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Okonomiyaki sauce producer on damage control following heightened Iran-US tensions

Company assures us a famous Japanese dish is not in danger of becoming collateral damage.

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If guys don’t pay on dates, should girls still have to look pretty? Japan’s netizens discuss

The issue of who should pay on a date can be a tricky one. Do you split it evenly down the middle? Should the one who initiated the date be the one to pay? Should the guy man always pay, no matter what?

Here’s what Japan’s net users had to say on the matter of splitting – or not splitting – the bill on dates. Hopefully this information will be useful to anyone who’s hoping to find love in Japan!

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