This Gunpla builder designs amazingly life-like Gundam dioramas out of plastic model kits

This is the mark of a truly dedicated hobbyist!

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Princess Kaguya dioramas let you decorate your home with art of Ghibli’s uniquely beautiful anime

Five scenes from the anime that looks like no other are waiting for you to recreate them.

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Bonrama combines Japanese bonsai-style scenery and railroad tracks to spiff up your room

You can now own a little part of Japan to have in your own room!

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Miniature food artist creates little Japanese festival featuring candy apples and tiny takoyaki

These photos make us want to shrink ourselves down and make a purchase at the mini festival stalls!

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Japanese diorama artist makes models smaller than an actual thumbnail【Photos】

Shunichi Matsuba, a self-proclaimed diorama artist, creates extraordinarily detailed miniature scenes of Japanese life past and present — often using models smaller than a fingertip.

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Second-year Japanese high school student creates amazingly realistic dioramas

When I was in high school I thought I was pretty good at drawing, only to take a look at some of my work 10 years later and realize how hideous most of it looked. In fact, it’s more than a little embarrassing how proud I was back then over a couple of notebooks of ugly doodles.

But unlike myself, there are some really creative young artists out there producing top-notch work in between classes and studying. One recent example currently circulating the Japanese web is a collection of intricate dioramas put together by a second-year high school student.

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