Size Up Your Tsunami Shelter With “AR Tsunami Camera” iPhone App

Nabla-Zero, a Japanese IT company specializing in disaster prevention, has released a free application for the iPhone that measures if a building is tall enough to provide shelter from a tsunami.

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New Major Faults Found Near Japan Coast

Two active and sizable faults were discovered east of Tokyo, a bit more than 100 km off the coast of Chiba Prefecture, measuring 160 km(99miles) and 300 km(186miles) long respectively.

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Time-Lapse Film Shot In Fukushima Ghost Town Shows Amazingly Beautiful Starry Skies

Since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster left multiple cities completely deserted, a number of videographers have ventured into the 20km “exclusion zone” either to find some dark secret or simply show people the situation. A recent video uploaded to YouTube takes more artistic angle in filming the disaster-affected areas.

The video, titled Time Lapse #053 Fukushima Hamadori 2012-03, uses time-lapse and the natural darkness produced by a town devoid of human inhabitants, the video captures stunning images of star-filled skies..

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Possibly Korean, Definitely Effeminate Young Man has Some Choice Words to Share with Japan: “Please Die Quickly.”

A young man who is assumed to be Korean has decided to share his feelings to the world on YouTube and as a result ignited a powder keg of tensions between Koreans and Japanese internet users.

In broken Japanese, the boy gave a minute and a half speech about his take on the post-Tohoku Earthquake situation which, as one Japanese commenter said, “crossed the line.”  He then gives a glimpse into his own homicidal fantasies before politely asking all Japanese people to “die quickly.”

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Possible Debris From Tohoku Earthquake Reaches American Shores

As we quickly approach the one year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake the have been signs that debris from the massive tsunami has finally touched down on American shores.

Recently residents of northwest Washington state have been finding more and more fishing gear and garbage with Japanese writing on it since last weekend.  In fact, in the past two months one man found 15 pieces of Japanese debris has been reported which is a sharp increase from the only 4 pieces found in the previous 46 years.

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Nestle Donates New Kit Kat Profits to Earthquake Recovery, Accepting Messages of Support to be Displayed on Restored Trains

On March 5, Nestle Japan began sale of Kit Kat Mini World Variety, a 13-piece variety pack of Kit Kats bars from around the world.

The product was created in light of the international support for the Great East Japan Earthquake over the past year and 20 yen (US $0.25) from every purchase will be donated towards the restoration of the Sanriku Railway system in Iwate Prefecture, which suffered extensive damage in the tsunami.

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Lovers’ Final Emails Moments Before Tsunami: “Don’t get yourself killed!”

Text messages sent from Arisa Miura, a city worker who died in the tsunami that struck Minami-Sanriku in Miyagi Prefecture, and her boyfriend were released to the press on March 5th. In the 5 texts, which were sent between the two lovers after the earthquake and before Miura was swept away, one can see the depth of their affection in their consideration for the other’s safety even in a hectic emergency situation. Read More

1 Year After Tōhoku Earthquake FujiFilm Reports Over 1,000,000 Photos Rescued and Cleaned

Like with many natural disasters, governments and large corporations throw money and supplies in relief efforts.  Although the aid is greatly appreciated and needed by the victims, there is always this lingering cynicism that these donations were done out of self-serving motives.  Especially when said company releases an ad tooting their own horn about the contributions they made.

However, a largely unsung gesture by FujiFilm has recently celebrated its milestone of restoring over 1,000,000 photos recovered from earthquake devastated areas.  The cynic in you may ask what the big deal is about cleaning some photos when these people need food and shelter.

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A Must-See Visual of Japan’s 2011 Earthquakes

On March 11, an unprecedentedly large earthquake struck northern Japan, marking 2011 as a disastrous year for the Japanese. This video shows the fierce power of that quake and the cascade of aftershocks that came in the months to follow as nothing less than horrific. Read More

Ubiregi is a point-of-sale application for the iPad that turns the device into a fully-functional and intuitive cash register.

The app is offered by Tokyo-based developed Ubiregi Inc. on a pay-as-you-go plan of 5000 yen per month and includes no initial expenses or installation costs – all you need is an iPad. Additionally, sales data can be stored on Ubiregi’s servers for convenient management and receipts can be printed using the iOS AirPrint function.

While the app has only been around for a little over a year, Ubiregi promises to provide a lucrative alternative to small businesses that normally rent cash registers at a monthly fee on top of installation and maintenance costs.

Perhaps as a testament to this, Ubiregi has recently made the news in Japan after it helped one business owner lift himself from the brink of ruin after last years’ tsunami.

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Welcome Home, Arisa: Missing Woman’s Body Found Nearly 11 Months After Tsunami

The corpse of a woman found in January in the ruble of Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, has been determined by DNA testing to be that of 24-year-old Arisa Miura, an employee at the disaster preparedness office at the city hall, which was washed away in the March 11th tsunami last year. Following the results, her body is finally being sent home. Read More

Dragon Tree On Coast Of Disaster-Struck Miyagi Prefecture Symbol Of Recovery, Draws Visitors From Across Japan

Iwai-saki is a beautiful cape surrounded by pine trees located at the southern end of Rikuchu Seacoast National Park in Kensennuma city, Miyagi prefecture.

While the area around the cape is now still and peaceful, large sections of Kensennuma city were destroyed and hundreds of lives lost in the tsunami and fires triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake last March.

While Kensennuma has a long road to recovery ahead of it, the city is said to be experiencing an increase in visitors recently who come to see a lone pine tree twisted in the shape of a dragon that stands alone on a beach of Iwai-saki.

We travelled to Kensennuma with camera in hand to see the scene for ourselves.

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Otomo Exhibition Features Original Drawings from Akira, Domu and More

This is an exhibition you won’t want to miss, particularly if you have even the slightest artistic inclination. 3331 Arts Chiyoda is hosting a collection of renowned manga artist Katsuhiro Otomo’s original drawings. Read More

30 Japanese Artists Cover “All You Need Is Love,” Release Single For Earthquake Charity

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake last March, musical artists from Japan and all over the world have showed their support for victims of the disaster and Japan as a whole through holding benefit concerts or media such as song and video.

The latest and perhaps most ambitious charity effort by the music community is Japan United with Music, a collaboration project led by composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and producer Takeshi Kobayashi that gathered 30 of Japan’s leading artists in the studio for an all-star cover of Japan’s favorite feel-good song, “All You Need Is Love.”

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A research team at University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute announced today that they have estimated a 70% chance of a magnitude 7 earthquake occurring directly beneath Japan’s capital city of Tokyo with the next 4 years.

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More and more victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake are reporting that they are suffering from visions of ghosts and other supernatural sensations.

The disaster brought many people face-to-face with death and many believe the apparitions may be a manifestation of their emotional wounds.

As Japan has no governmental office that deals with this kind of issue and many people feel uncomfortable consulting family members, leaders from several different religious organizations in Japan have come together to provide emotional and mental support for the victims.

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Tokyo Clinic to Test Internal Radiation Exposure

On January 16th, a clinic was opened in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward to check the levels of internal radiation exposure. The clinic, loosely translated as Radioactivity Premium Dock, offers a complete body scan for radiation levels, among other services, which the general public can access for a fee. The company hopes to reduce anxiety resulting from the Fukushima Daiichi disaster and to help the public manage their health.
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According to a book recently published by Tomohiko Suzuki, a freelance journalist who went undercover as a laborer at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant for two months this year, people who were unable to repay loans from yakuza gangs were forced to work at the site as a means of repaying their debts. Tokyo Electric issued a refutal, calling the claim that organized crime would be allowed to influence the recruitment process “groundless”.
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Harbinger Of The Next Big Earthquake? Rare Deep Sea Fish Washed Up In Japan

The giant oarfish is a rare deep sea fish said to be found in depths of over 1000 meters in the Atlantic Ocean. While sightings of the fish are few and far between, Japanese legend tells that when the fish does appear at the surface, it is a sign that an earthquake is imminent.

In the early morning of December 21, one such giant oarfish was found washed up on the shore of Makinohara city in Shizuoka prefecture, causing a commotion among the locals that another big earthquake may soon strike Japan.

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Manhattan Japanese Restaurant EAST Serves Unexpected Tear-Jerker

I happened upon a kaiten sushi-ya (conveyor belt sushi restaurant) while on an extended trip to New York, and I was surprised that something other than the hot wasabi brought tears to my eyes.

Japanese Restaurant EAST in Manhattan is a far cry from any Japanese kaiten sushi-ya – this place is as hip as any nightclub in the area. The chef is not Japanese, but his skills are just as good as those of any “genuine” sushi chef. He rolled out perfectly squeezed nigiri sushi and delicious miso soup.

And though I like to get adventurous with the wasabi from time to time, I was not prepared for the rotating item that would move me to tears on this day.

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