Cosplaying cat duo charm the world with their outfits and their adorable facial expressions

From Fallout to One Punch Man, these kitties know how to cosplay.

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Cosplayer brings Fallout 4’s Nick Valentine to life in all his run-down glory【Video】

Watch this cosplayer transform into Fallout 4‘s Nick Valentine using his seriously impressive prosthetics and makeup skills.

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The aftermath of that huge fuel explosion in China looks like a post-apocalyptic video game

If you don’t live in China or an adjacent country where you could presumably still hear the blast, or have been otherwise living under a rock, you may not have heard about the insanely huge explosion that rocked the city of Tianjin on Wednesday and briefly caused the city to look like the set of a conspicuously over-budgeted natural disaster movie.

Unfortunately, this disaster was very real and, tragically, has so far cost at least 50 people their lives, with many more still in critical condition. But, with the threat of further explosions unlikely, news cameras have started picking their way through the wreckage and devastation of the explosion, which occurred at a hazardous chemicals warehouse site, and the fallout looks just like a scene from a post-apocalyptic video game.

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