girls’ day

Disney sushi? An adorable new way to celebrate Japan’s Girl’s Day/Doll Festival

From “Mic-key, Mouse!” to “Hin-a Ma, tsuri!”

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These gothic Girls’ Day dolls are darker than a dark pit of dark darkness with the lights off

If Emily Strange were a Japanese girl, these are the dolls she would put up for Hinamatsuri.

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Celebrate Hina Matsuri with Hello Kitty sweets!

You don’t need to be a little girl to enjoy these treats, but we’re sure it wouldn’t hurt!

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It’s not just Girls’ Day! Cats enjoy Hina Matsuri, look just purr-fect posing with dolls

Hina Matsuri, aka Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day, is a festival celebrated every March 3 in Japan. Families with girl children get together to eat special food, and elaborately dressed dolls are displayed on a special tiered platform known as a hina-dan.

But it’s not only kids and collectors who love dolls – cats can’t get enough of them, either! Even though the cats have only just had their own special day (Cats’ Day, or Nyan Nyan Nyan day, was on February 22), those fancy felines were muscling in on some of the Girls’ Day action by inserting themselves into the hina-dan displays.

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