Ishikawa Prefecture

Which parts of Ishikawa are OK to travel to after Noto quake? Government shares guideline map

“Don’t come to Noto, but please come to Ishikawa.”

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Watch Ishikawa-set anime, support January 1 earthquake relief efforts

The 2011 anime series Hanasaku Iroha and its film are now streaming on YouTube for free for residents of Japan with proceeds going towards aid.

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Sacred forbidden forest at a Japanese shrine has been off-limits to visitors for centuries

We get to enter a holy land that’s been protected since ancient times, and it reminds us of the world of Princess Mononoke.

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Rice “raised on fighter jet roars” from Ishikawa Prefecture is sure to break the flavor barrier

And it’s all thanks to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s F-15s (and an Ishikawa-based vendor).

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Japanese schoolgirls in sailor suit uniforms demonstrate 82 sumo techniques【Video】

These girls expertly throw each other around the ring to help promote high school sumo in Japan.

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We tried the expensive but delicious curry at Ishikawa’s Go! Go! Curry! But is it worth the trip?

Curry in Japan is not usually a fancy affair. It’s mostly found in places that are closer to a fast food level than a top-tier restaurant in Ginza — and that’s fine! Who can argue with inexpensive but delicious?

But not every curry restaurant is merely “cheap ‘n’ tasty.” Take, for example, Ishikawa Prefecture’s Go! Go! Curry, where you can get both regular curry and high-class 5,500-yen-a-plate curry! But is this US$45-curry worth the trip from Tokyo? We sent our Japanese writer Meg to find out!

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Nanao Bay, Ishikawa Prefecture: 98-percent chance of seeing dolphins in the wild!

Some of the smartest and cutest creatures to ever flip in and out of the sea, dolphins have long captured the imagination and hearts of us land-dwellers. Dolphin watching excursions seem to be as popular as whale watching excursions, and there’s hardly anyone who isn’t thrilled by these friendly mammals’ smiles and enthusiastic squeaks.

So, if you happen to be melting in the Japanese heat this summer, why not head out to Ishikawa Prefecture where you can cool off in the ocean—and have a 98-percent chance of seeing some dolphins!

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