Ishikawa latest prefecture to join those with Pokémon manhole lids across Japan

When it comes to Japanese prefectures, Pokémon’s gotta cap ’em all.

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Need a place to stay in Japan? These share houses have discounts for newly arrived foreigners

Locations available in greater Tokyo area, Hokkaido, and historical Kanazawa.

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Enjoy a steaming bowl of Piplup with the taste of the Edo Period in fun new collaboration

Penguin Pokémon’s latest promotional product involves a nice bowl of miso soup.

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Japanese schoolgirls in sailor suit uniforms demonstrate 82 sumo techniques【Video】

These girls expertly throw each other around the ring to help promote high school sumo in Japan.

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Bling up your computer life with a gold leaf-covered HDD and memory stick!

Add a little shine and sparkle to your computer desk with these gadgets covered with traditional Japanese hand crafted gold leaf.

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Turn over a new gold leaf with these stylish Gundam dishes from the Gundam Cafe

The age of the geek with expendable cash is truly upon us, as many people who grew up on comic books and cartoons are turning into adults with well-paying jobs. There is also a growing population of people in Japan who are forgoing a traditional relationship and instead spending more money on themselves. These burgeoning consumers might be the reason why you will find geek-centric yet sophisticated household items. That way, responsible adults can still revel in their fandoms but still be refined home decorators.

It’s time to get our wallets ready again, since now you can buy Mobile Suit Gudam plates covered in Kanazawa gold leaf.

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Man arrested for fraud in potentially the stupidest way possible

For years now, Japan has been beset by cases of ore ore sagi (“hey-it’s-me” scam). This is where the scammer contacts a (usually elderly) person claiming to be or know their child or relative. They then explain that they need money for an emergency and provide an account for the victim to transfer their money to, which sadly they often do.

These perpetrators can be difficult to catch, but sometimes a person’s force of habit can help make the police’s job that much easier. Take the case of one suspect named Akio Kanazawa, for example.

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TripAdvisor Ranks Top 20 Japanese Travel Destinations For Foreign Visitors, Hiroshima Edges Kyoto For Top Spot

The Japanese arm of tourism website TripAdvisor gathered user comments and evaluations from the past year and used them to rank the Top 20 travel destinations in Japan over that time. Hiroshima Prefecture maintained its popularity with two destinations in the Top 5 while five Kyoto sightseeing spots made the list.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and A-Bomb Dome moved to the top of the list after coming in second last year. Read More

What to do when you need to find a good sushi restaurant – hire a Sushi Taxi, and get some sightseeing done at the same time!

Whether you’re Japanese or a foreign tourist, it can be difficult finding a good sushi restaurant when you’re in a part of Japan you’re not familiar with. Well, if you find yourself in that predicament in the city of Kanazawa, there’s an excellent solution to the problem – hire a sushi taxi! Read More