exercise ball

Turn your exercise ball into your furry best friend with cute pet character covers from Japan!

The only thing you’ll have to balance here is your love for five different animals.

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Latest Japanese lifehack shows how to store exercise balls … with nothing but a corner ceiling

It might look like magic, but these balls can actually be stored in the ceiling without the use of any racks, hooks or netting.

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Japanese Company President Decides All Chairs Get Replaced by Exercise Balls

Located in Kyoto is the headquarters of hair styling product maker Nakano Pharmaceutical. This company is well-known for something besides their high quality hair care gels and sprays and confusing name.  They are one of the few companies to almost completely eliminate everyone’s favorite sitting device, the chair, from their facilities.

In its place staff and visitors are treated to a wobbly seat on those large plastic balls often seen in Pilates classes.

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