Japanese Restaurant

We get our hands and mouths on Korakuren’s Chocolate and White Chocolate Ramen【Taste Test】

Will Korakuen’s Valentine’s Day ramen leave us lovestruck or lukewarm?

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We went to a Japanese restaurant in Italy, ate green sushi, learned a lesson about taking it easy

Japanese food outside of Japan is not always what one would expect, but why worry about such a little thing?

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Yakiniku chain store lets customers enjoy delicious Japanese barbecue together with their dogs

Humans get to enjoy tasty grilled meat, so why not our pets, too?

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Feeling fancy? Fly first class without leaving the ground at virtual reality restaurant in Tokyo

Comfy seats, a four course meal, and a VR show? We guarantee this will be an experience you’ll never forget.

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7 odd and uniquely Japanese restaurant experiences


Although visitors to Japan routinely compliment the country for its world-class hospitality and excellent customer service, dining in Japanese restaurants can be a confusing experience for tourists and residents alike. Even the most seasoned long-time expats can still be put off by some of these strange behaviors. Of course, everything is relative as Japanese tourists overseas complain about the opposite, but click below to find out seven ways that a visit to a Japanese restaurant may surprise you!

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The Best Sushi We’ve Ever Eaten【You, Me, And A Tanuki】

You, Me, And a Tanuki is a weekly featured blog run by Michelle, a Californian who is currently one of only two foreigners living in Chibu, a tiny fishing village on one of the Oki islands in Japan. Check back every Saturday for a new post or read more on her website here!

Hidden down a road, a little ways away from the main port of Nishinoshima, Shimane prefecture, is a tiny sushi restaurant.

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much. Approaching the front of the establishment, you can even see the owner’s laundry hanging to dry in the upstairs window. But inside, Zen Sushi will amaze you.

A little mom and pop establishment, the owners prepare fresh sushi made with fish caught in the waters of the Oki Islands. Peering through the front windows, you can enjoy views of the turquoise waters that these fish call home.

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Great Tasting Sashimi Dishes For Very Reasonable Prices—in Ginza Nonetheless!

Assorted Sashimi Plate

Itamae Baru, a Japanese food restaurant in Tokyo’s ritzy Ginza district, offers dishes to get excited over!  Why? You can’t find steamed abalone for 500 yen ($6.25 US) or uni pasta with generous amounts of sea urchin for 780 yen ($9.75 US) this tasty anywhere else in the city!

Itame Bare is one of these wonderful up and rising  restaurants where young itamae, or sushi chefs, create Japanese dishes for astonishing low prices! 

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