Conveyor belt yakiniku: Our new favourite way to enjoy all-you-can-eat meat in Japan

Yakiniku just got even more exciting.

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“Prisoner of Short Ribs”: Yoshinoya’s first sister restaurant in 10 years (maybe 8?)【Taste test】

The math is hazy, but is the quality clear?

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McDonald’s Japan’s new kalbi koshihikari rice burger and its friends only come out after sundown

Eating these new rice burgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the same day is sadly not an option.

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Educational Dining – Learn Your Cuts of Beef as You Eat!

Going into a Yakiniku restaurant (a Korean-style BBQ joint) in Japan, you’re usually greeted/slapped in the face with a long menu with many different choices – various parts from various edible animals. Actually, unless you have some strong or specific dislikes, choosing at random can still be a very delicious and fun experience. You may even start to remember which cuts of meat you prefer. One restaurant has now come up with a clever way you can enjoy a taster from all the various parts of a cow while learning exactly where they all came from. Read More