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Japan’s new eight-headed dragon license plates might be the coolest in the entire world【Pics】

The Yamata no Orochi is ready to leap out of the annals of mythology and onto your car.

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In Japan, you can now get issued an official license plate with adorable cat prints on it

Japan’s love of silly puns merges with its love of cute animal motifs.

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New stylish Japanese license plates lets people show off prefecture pride on the move

Ever wanted to display the famous deer of Nara or the iconic Mount Fuji on your car? Well now you can!

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The surprising reasons why some hiragana aren’t allowed to be used on Japanese license plates

You’ll never see these four hiragana on license plates, but maybe not for the reasons you’d expect….

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Tokyo’s beautiful new license plates are based on one of Japan’s most famous woodblock paintings

Ukiyo-e master Hokusai’s iconic seascape is now appearing on eligible motor vehicles in the capital.

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Get ready for yuru-kyara car plates! Japan to lift ban on colourful regional license plates

In larger countries like Australia and the United States, vehicle registration is carried out at the state level. This has long allowed each state to produce distinctive designs, including slogans or iconic imagery on number plates. In little Japan, however, vehicle registration is issued by the national government, so car owners have had no option to show their local pride with a regional license plate…until now.

The Ministry of Transport has announced that from next year, local authorities will be free to put colourful character designs on car number plates. Let’s have a look at some of the potential ways to pimp your Japanese numberplate!

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