An interview with one of Japan’s few female executives, the President of Dom Dom Burger

Shinobu Fujisaki talks of aiming to make Dom Dom everyone’s favorite burger joint.  

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How to Distribute a 10-Slice Pizza among a 6-Man Staff: A Japanese Management Guide

With Hyper Cool Biz long behind us, RocketNews24 management has been looking for new ways to save money while tightening their sadistic power trip over us lowly workjlsafds;lgha;d… ow!

Upon searching the internet, they were pleased to find a helpful management guide from the guys over at Omokoro, who you may remember from their guide to understanding women and the zebra wedding gift stunt.

Some people find these methods controversial, but nine out of ten of Japan’s largest companies swear by them. If you ask them they’ll never admit it though.

We would like to show you a translated version of this guide so that countries around the world may benefit from the increase in productivity and morale it brings.

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