New Year’s food

Japanese osechi New Year’s meal lucky bag gives us way more than we bargained for

This is not what we were expecting.

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Can our writers’ taste buds pick out the luxury kamaboko fish cake from these two?

Everyone’s loco for kamaboko!

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The meaning of the mandarin and 6 other Japanese New Year traditions explained

Join us as we take a look at some of the most popular Japanese New Year traditions and reveal the spiritual symbolism and superstitions behind them.

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We buy Kentucky Fried Chicken’s box of New Year’s food, but it comes with a surprising extra

A mysterious development has us scratching our heads. 

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Get a taste of the Mushroom Kingdom this New Year with a Super Mario Bros. themed bento box

At the beginning of October, most of us outside Japan are thinking about Halloween and Christmas. But inside Japan, something different is cooking. Now is the time that Japanese retailers start taking orders for osechi, a New Year’s bento box full of traditional and tasty Japanese foods.

But this year, one Japanese retailer has decided to put a spin-jump on things. They’re offering a Super Mario Bros.-themed osechi bento box to take your New Year’s Day dinner to a new level and impress all your family and friends. What’s inside this Bowser-sized box of goodies? Read on to find out!

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