Matcha strawberry daifuku from Hatoya really lets the green tea shine in more ways than one

We try one and other items from the limited-time booth in Shinjuku.

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Secret Tokyo night view spot is also a great meeting place away from the crowds

An urban oasis, mostly known only to locals.

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Japanese department store officially apologizes for English poster calling Kyoto the world’s enemy

Takashimaya still seems a little fuzzy on correct English, though.

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English mistake makes Kyoto the enemy of the world

Look out — Japan’s old capital appears to be rising again, with an army of koi fish behind it.

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Get a taste of Japan’s past NOW, with these retro snacks and sweets at Tokyo department store

Fried bread, fruity ciders, and more tasty treats from across Japan and across generations.

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Get a taste of the Mushroom Kingdom this New Year with a Super Mario Bros. themed bento box

At the beginning of October, most of us outside Japan are thinking about Halloween and Christmas. But inside Japan, something different is cooking. Now is the time that Japanese retailers start taking orders for osechi, a New Year’s bento box full of traditional and tasty Japanese foods.

But this year, one Japanese retailer has decided to put a spin-jump on things. They’re offering a Super Mario Bros.-themed osechi bento box to take your New Year’s Day dinner to a new level and impress all your family and friends. What’s inside this Bowser-sized box of goodies? Read on to find out!

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